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The Pierre Gaston watch was built with practicality, timeless design, and quality materials.
We believe that it should have genuine craftsmanship traditions, quality, and simplicity.
We wanted to appeal to clients who wanted to get away from mass produced watches and wanted to have their own journey and not someone else’s.
We focused on the design and quality of construction on its conceptual DNA.
The relationship to the proportions, materials, and design was of the utmost importance.
The simpler it looks, the more you have to execute every detail.
The question we always ask is how will a Pierre Gaston watch look in 5, 10, 25, 50 years from now. We believe we created a watch that has a long lasting design and honors horological heritage.
A watch that will allow it’s wearer to stand out and look different and be as unique and elegant as it’s owner’s experiences.
We try to sit on the shoulder of giants so we can see a bigger world. There’s a lot of work behind making a watch performed by numerous passionate global artisans that bring it to life.
From the original concept design, engineers, model makers, movement prototype makers, dial designers, polishers, case makers, stone setters, etc.


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